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Let us know, what are your Favourite Projectiles?

Completing the quick survey will help us decide what styles to add to our inventory next.


    • We don’t have any plans to add those particular styles any time soon however, we will consider special orders. You will have input regarding the bullet style / dimensions you desire but our mould supplier does not provide any round nose or pointed styles. Minimum order quantity required, pre payment and there would be 6 to 8 week (approximately) lead time to obtain the moulds. Contact us direct via phone, email or messenger if you are interested or require more information regarding custom orders.

        • We received numerous requests for all sorts of calibres, styles and weights. There are just so many we could add to our growing list of projectiles. Will will add more over time when time and funds permit. Also obtaining suitable moulds can be a challenge and expensive. Follow us for updates on our product line.

    • We have many styles and weights available in those calibres, hard cast coated with Hi-Tek Supercoat, no copper wash / plated bullets.

    • Mate,
      If you’re loading 38 Special, try the 148gn BTWC or the 158gn RN for your 357 Magnum
      Loaded plenty of 38 Special & what little Trail Boss I have left, makes a good light target load

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