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About Us

Eminence Projectiles is a small family business owned and operated by Michael & Janine Jadezak and is presently conducting research and development of our products.

From what started back in 2016 as a hobby making a few projectiles for target shooting has grown into a passion to make quality projectiles for the broader shooting community.

Whilst projectile production is the focus, our business now includes inhouse design and development of machinery used in the complete manufacturing process. A benefit of this is having thorough control of the production process that makes it easy to adjust where necessary as well as being able to expand when needed.

Equipment designed, developed, and being tested include:

  •  Manual operated 4 mould casting machine
  • Automated electronically controlled 8 mould capacity casting machines
  • Electric, digital temperature-controlled lead melt / pour pots
  • Tumbler for coating process
  • Industry first oven design for coating bake process
  • Projectile collators
  • Sizing machines

Many more ideas and products are waiting to be developed in the future.

Whilst we are still in the R&D phase, we do have limited quantities of projectiles for sale and include:

100 grain Semi Wadcutter Bevel Base (no Lube Grove) and can be sized to suit 9mm – 38 Super (0.355 or 0.356) & 357 – 38 Special (0.357 or 0.358)
122 grain Flat Point Bevel Base for 9mm – 38 Super (0.355 or 0.356)

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